“Greenˮ by nature: Ascometal takes a further step into a low CO₂ footprint

The “newˮ EAF in Hagondange comes with new design and best technologies

The Ascometal Hagondange long Engineering steel producing mill is a European reference for automotive related products. Leading car and truck manufacturers are directly or indirectly supplied by Ascometal for highly demanding parts, which are produced by qualified Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, using our steel.

In summer 2019, Ascometal revamped the Hagondange electric arc furnace (EAF) to increase its performance. It is a technology fully based on the use of recycled scrap and electricity. This resulted in an almost “newˮ EAF with new design and best technologies.


The benefits for customers are multifold:

  • Its well-known vertical bloom caster remains a competitive advantage that has been acknowledged for years in the automotive segment: indeed, for long parts, its specific casting technique gives particular further processing benefits for our customers.
  • The excentric bottom hole tap is also unchanged: a key factor for steel cleanliness excellence.
  • The new EAF offers safety, structural and environmental benefits:
    • Improved reliability and productivity of the furnace
    • Reduced energy consumption
    • Reduced CO₂ and dust emissions

Various design optimizations allow an unchanged power usage, improved injection devices for oxygen and carbon in order to better mix the influx and optimize thermodynamics. Last but not least, the user-friendly interface has been improved, allowing an easier and more precise monitoring of the EAF.


“greenˮ by nature

Confirmation was soon obtained that this investment allows Hagondange steel shop to decrease its melting cycle, therefore synchronizing it with the ladle furnace cycle, and consequently increase the number of heats per day. A strong benefit for our customers when it comes to absorb fast changing quantity needs.

This combines nicely with the already advantageous low CO₂ footprint of the plant. Indeed, the electricity used in Ascometal units, all based in France, benefits from an extremely low carbon intensity. The in-house computation demonstrates a figure as low as 106 kg CO₂/t for liquid steel and 240 kg CO₂/t for rolled steel in this plant of Hagondange (scope1+2 using a location-based approach). Going forward to scope 3 (core+upstream), the estimate reaches only 500 kg CO₂/t for rolled bars in Hagondange, a number which is 4 to 5 times lower than blast furnace routes, and lower than most of EAF based competitors. These numbers will be certified latest in Q3/2021.

Ideally located, close to numerous automotive related suppliers, shipment to customers remains, in most cases, very limited in CO₂ emissions on top: this makes Ascometal an ideal provider to reduce customers’ scope 3 emissions.

Ascometal, definitely “greenˮ by nature.




Ascometal’s commitment to the environment:

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