Examples: Bainidur 1300 for lightweight forged parts and Splitasco XS for conrods

With a focus on lightweight components, the innovative Bainidur 1300 from Deutsche Edelstahlwerke makes it possible to manufacture sophisticated forgings even more cost-efficiently. The bainitic material can be processed without distortion and with little machining allowance, which saves costly process steps.

For the manufacturer, the use of Bainidur 1300 means: parts production without additional quenching and tempering and without the risk of distortion in consistently high quality. And this also applies to large format parts (> 60 mm round).

Reduced testing effort of manufactured parts

The Bainidur 1300 permits a large process window with regard to the temperature control during forging and cooling. The bainitic microstructure and properties of the component can be reliably adjusted, reducing the testing effort on manufactured parts.

"The material is the ideal solution for highly stressed parts and at the same time significantly reduces the use of materials compared to conventional steel at comparable load values," emphasizes Head of Development & Quality Dr. Till Schneiders.

Already today, bar steel is installed in every vehicle: up to 300 kg of high-grade structural steel and up to 10 kg of stainless steel. And every weight reduction thanks to innovative products means less consumption, greater range and resource conservation.

Advantages of the Bainidur 1300 at a glance

  • No additional tempering necessary
  • No risk of distortion
  • Constant high quality level of manufactured parts
  • Strength of 1.200 MPa, can be increased on request
  • Very good machinability and nitridability
  • Good notch impact strength



The Swiss Steel Group offers automotive suppliers the perfect steel for every demanding application. The business units Deutsche Edelstahlwerke, Ugitech, Steeltec and Sorel are among the leading developers and suppliers of high-grade structural steel, stainless steel and tool steel. The company's own research and development departments are in regular contact with our customers, listen to the market and help shape the future of the automotive industry thanks to innovative solutions.

The heat-resistant steel Thermodur® 2383 Supercool from Deutsche Edelstahlwerke, for example, ensures shorter cycle times in the production of sheet metal components such as the B-pillar: Used for press hardening tools, Thermodur® combines hot forming and heat treatment - process costs are reduced. 

Excellent purity characterizes the SF-2000® LQ40 plastic mould steel from Sorel Forge. This means that it can be highly polished: headlamp lenses have a crystal-clear surface and are permanently reproducible in high quality.

And the HSX® 90 steel from Steeltec ensures that the airbag sleeve can be welded within a very short time so that the blowing agent introduced does not escape. At the same time, the high-strength special steel withstands enormous pressure until the airbag is released. 

Do you have questions about the best steel solution for your products? Talk to our experts.

A bainitic solution from Ascometal: Splitasco XS for lighter and stronger conrods

Ascometal designed and supplies with success the Splitasco HC, a smart option to upgrade standard C70 fracture split connecting rods. Now, with Splitasco XS a new grade has been recently created by Ascometal. Developed in close collaboration with a specialist of conrods, the new steel grade allows further improvement in conrods light-weight designs and higher loads transmission.

The Splitasco XS, with XS as for eXtra Strong, fulfills two main customer requirements: maximum compressive load without plastic deformation and elevated fatigue strength. Compared to the C70 standard grade, the compressive yield strength is increased by 110 % and the fatigue strength by more than 60 %. These very high in-use properties offer an important potential for weight reduction of manufactured parts.

Excellent mechanical properties

As a bainitic grade, the mechanical properties of Splitasco XS manufactured parts are obtained without a quenching heat treatment, which avoids distortion of components. Furthermore, thanks to the chemical composition optimization, a fully bainitic microstructure can be obtained in a wide range of cooling rates.  As a result, connecting rods of several kilograms have the same mechanical properties as smaller ones with only 500 g.

Advantages of Splitasco XS at a glance

  • No additional quenching necessary
  • No risk of distortion
  • Suitable for all connecting rod sizes
  • Fatigue Strength increase by more than 60% compared to standard C70
  • Very good machinability





Selected special steels from our business units for the automotive sector (contact details are given in the respective brochure).

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke:



  • HSX® 90 Engineering steel
  • XTP® engineering steel with unique heat treatment

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