Steels and solutions for 3D-Printing

As an already renowned powder manufacturer in the 3D printing sector, our Business Unit Deutsche Edelstahlwerke (DEW) is pushing ahead with the next development stage with the Printdur metal powder portfolio. The steel powder innovation Printdur® HSA has been awarded with the “MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award 2021”.

In addition to classic metal powder alloys, we also offer our customers partnerships in order to design the complete manufacturing process together with them - from the idea, alloy design and prototyping to the finished product. Additive manufacturing of metallic materials is mainly used in aviation, medical technology, toolmaking and automotive lightweight construction. DEW's aim is to work as closely as possible with the customer during the manufacturing process.

In contrast to mechanical manufacturing processes such as milling or turning, in additive manufacturing the component is built up layer by layer. This process enables a high degree of flexibility in component design. The prerequisite is a high-quality starting powder. Within its Printdur portfolio, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke offers a wide range of atomized metal powders based on iron, nickel and cobalt. The raw materials are liquefied in an induction furnace and added to a gas atomization system. This causes the particles to be spherically shaped. This in turn ensures excellent flow characteristics and very good dosing of the powder. This makes DEW's in-house metal powders the ideal material for additive production.

We accompany our customers from their product idea to the finished product


Development in selective laser melting is progressing rapidly. Components are becoming increasingly complex, 3D printers more powerful and designed for larger components. As a result, the demands placed on metal powders are also increasing.

The special materials team at Deutsche Edelstahlwerke supports customers in meeting the challenges they face in 3D printing. From the product idea to material development, from the product to questions of the ideal recycling of metal powder.

We develop the ideal metal powder solution with you independently of the 3D metal printer on which you work.


„From the alloying idea to the printed end product: As a leading steel manufacturer, we develop completely new powder steels together with our customers and our know-how, such as bainite or tool steels for 3D printing.“

Dr. Horst Hill, Leiter Sonderwerkstoffe
Deutsche Edelstahlwerke

Standard product portfolio of metal powders for steel 3D printing


Our iron-based materials for additive manufacturing can generally be divided into austenitic, hardenable and martensitic grades.

Materials with high corrosion and wear resistance

The austenitic grade Printdur 4404 exhibits high corrosion resistance and good oxidation resistance. The curable grades Printdur 4545 and Printdur 4548 offer an optimum combination of wear, corrosion and oxidation properties.

Materials with high wear resistance

If your component is subject to increased wear, you can fall back on the grades Printdur Powderfort, Printdur 2343 and Printdur 2344.


For applications requiring exceptional corrosion resistance, the use of nickel-based materials is recommended. With Printdur Ni625 we are expanding our portfolio of corrosion-resistant materials.

Printdur Ni625 - The matierial for high temperatures

Printdur Ni625 has good resistance to mineral acids such as nitric, phosphoric, sulphuric or hydrochloric acid. Corrosion resistance to alkalis and organic acids is also given. Furthermore, the material has good resistance to hot gas corrosion in the solution annealed condition and a high creep strength above 600°C.


Our cobalt-based material Printdur CoCrF75 can be used in two different areas:

  • High temperature applications
  • Medical technology

Printdur CoCrF75 exhibits excellent resistance to thermal shock in the heat treated state and is resistant to oxidizing and reducing atmospheres up to approx. 1150 °C. Thanks to these properties, Printdur CoCrF75 is preferred for high-temperature applications.

In combination with our certification according to DIN EN ISO 13485, the Printdur CoCrF75 is also the first choice for applications in medical technology.

Printdur® HSA

Printdur H(igh)S(trength)A(ustenite) is a nickel-free, high-strength austenitic steel, specially developed for Additive Manufacturing. The processing properties by AM are similar to those of standard steel 316L, but Printdur HSA achieves twice the yield strength and tensile strength as well as improved resistance to pitting corrosion.

Printdur HSA is the first self-developed metal powder for 3D printing from DEW. By combining powder atomization and the in-house 3D printer in the Special Materials Department, the chemical composition could be optimally adjusted to the demands of 3D printing.
Printdur HSA properties

  • wide range of applications in general mechanical engineering, e.g. food and chemical plants, pump components, power plant industry or automotive industry
  • good processability by selective laser melting
  • significantly increased mechanical properties such as yield strength, tensile strength and hardness compared with typical austenitic steels
  • completely without alloying element nickel – significantly reduced safety requirements during processing


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